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Global, Digital, Crypto Loyalty Revolution

Honest Loyalty, no collecting or analyzing customer purchase history for marketing or cross product promotion.

Receive business specific rewards and globally redeemed Crypto loyalty points against every purchase.

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Join Global, Digital Crypto Loyalty Program in just 5 seconds.

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Cardless Digital Loyalty Program

No more forgetting plastic or paper cards and loosing loyalty. Dewber has digital mobile experience.

Business executives awards your loyalty or simply scan QR codes.

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Earn Dew Points

Dew Points are awarded with every purchase against amount spent in local currency and redeemed globally with any participating business

Ex. Spent £25 and earned 25 Dew points.

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Receive Dew Rewards

Business specific rewards are “Dew rewards”, which can be redeemed in any business branch.

Ex Buy 5 coffee and get 6th FREE.

Redeem & Enjoy

Dew rewards are fulfilled by the awarding business at any branch.

Dew Points are global crypto points, which can be redeemed for a wide selection of promotion in any participating business globally.

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How Dewber Works for Customer

Dew Loyalty On Display

Display the Dew loyalty near your point-of-sale so that every customer can engage and join your loyalty program with single tap.

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Award Dew Points & Rewards

Customers get awarded "Dew crypto points" and/or "Dew rewards" against each purchase.

Customer registration via mobile phone else business executive search customer on "Dewber" platform to instantly awards loyalty via mobile device.


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